Friday, November 27, 2015

God, She Lookin' in de Mirror

One of the first times I saw Devin Sexon, back in 1983 or 1984, he told me this poem. It is kind of his cosmic statement: strange, transgressive, surreal, political and ultimately triumphant. Definitely incorrect and questionable on many levels. And also about lips. He definitely had something about lips.
He would occasionally recite this poem at parties or bars or wherever, and his performances were always spectacular in their enthusiasm.  He had a deep booming voice for such a young skinny guy, and he would tell his stories and read his poems with a mock serious authority, like he really meant it, his mussy, static-electricity charged flaming red hair making him look kind of like a poetry-spouting torch.
And here the poem is so magically turned into images, with so many amazing moments, like the lips-only mirror reflection, the odd op art earth, the Reagan-Apocalypse (apoca-lips?), the placement of the Pat Nixon ash-smudge, and those triumphant big lips in the last panel.

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