Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jesus Just Finds it Impossible to Comprehend This Thing

Jesus might have been having trouble comprehending this thing, but Devin Sexson could comprehend it enough to actually draw it. Devin could comprehend things that were incomprehensible, or that weren't even actual things that you could comprehend. His sense of humor and his sense of the world was based on the comprehensibility of such mystery. Even the most sublime and spiritual parts of life could be a little silly, and Devin could see that, and could draw it. And the mystery he drew, the mystery that baffled Jesus and every other spiritual master, turns out to be just waves, spots, crosses, eyes and flowers. It's all in how they are put together.
And of course what we all find incomprehensible is why Devin isn't around this planet for his 51st birthday. Happy Birthday, Devin!

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