Friday, May 27, 2016

The 'Vert Catches Sight of Sweet Little Old Lady w/ Purse

Here's another cartoon with Devin's character, the 'Vert. Here he is "catching sight" with his cross-eyes of a strange-headed lady, who is sweet and has a purse. Nothing has happened yet, but the 'Vert's five line fingers are outstretched as if headed to that purse strap. It's definitely the dark side of Devin's art, but nothing has happened yet and nothing might happen, and that old lady is called sweet, but she also looks a little bit like an alien, so who knows how this situation might turn out? The 'Vert, in Devin's comic universe, often ended up with the short stick. That little old lady doesn't look like a pushover, and the 'Vert is as smiling and as confused and as naive as ever.

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