Monday, June 6, 2016

The Bud Man

Drinking and Devin. Devin and drinking. Devin did a lot of drinking when I knew him. Anybody around him did some drinking when they were around him. Drinking made things funny. Drinking made you see through the strangeness of everything. You could drink too much, and that made things kind of uncomfortable. Uncomfortable like eyes popping out and brains turning into lines. Alcohol could turn you into a Picasso version of yourself.
I can't remember exactly the circumstances behind this one. Devin put my name at the bottom like it's kind of a plaque. Does that mean that he meant me to be the Bud Man? After all, there weren't too many choices back then. Or was it some kind of dedication? I don't remember. But I do like this person, drinking through his bird mouth and directly into his brain, or through a second mouth, and how his body turns into a maze. 

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